this is so interesting! Cant wait for next 

this is so interesting! Cant wait for next

Omg this 
is so cool! I
 cant wait to do more!

Omg this
is so cool! I
cant wait to do more!

This is so exciting! Excited for next 

This is so exciting! Excited for next

OCCUPY IOWA CITY | 12-31-2011


Michael Hart & Ryan Tracy 
Artists are people too; people with lives; people who chose to make art for a living. It’s easy to forget that. Photographer Michael Hart has been capturing the art and lives of artists in photography for nearly a decade. UNREAL presents this photographic work in a survey of artists involved in and around the American Realness festival. The photographs include images from live performances as well as staged and improvised photo sessions where the line between artist and art, real and unreal is ecstatically blurred. The images will be accompanied by a text piece by writer and performer Ryan Tracy in conversation with the photographer.

Abrons Arts Center Culpepper & Upper Galleries 
466 Grand Street, NY, NY 10002

Thursday, January 5 - Saturday, February 5
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00am - 6:00pm

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 5, 5:00pm

Jennifer Lacey | Brooklyn, NY | 2007
Michelle Mola | New York, NY | 2005
Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor | New York, NY | 2008

TEAR Sheet | Occupy Wall Street | MOUVEMENT MAGAZINE

Tear Sheet | Tony Orrico | ELLE MEXICO

OCCUPY RIO, BRAZIL: November 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Day 15

Occupy Wall Street: Day 15

Tony Orrico | Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, (CCCB) | Barcelona, Spain | 2011

Match Box Dances


We’re proud to announce the online release of Match Box Dances, a short, four-part dancefilm made in collaboration with filmmaker Philippe Tremblay-Berberi, featuring dancers Charlotte Bydwell, Naomi Reid Davis, Carlye Eckert and Logan Frances Kruger, with choreography by Adam H Weinert, original music by Roarke Menzies, and costume design by Marion Talan.

This marks the official launch of where you’ll find the film streaming for free, along with the soundtrack and a collection of still photographs taken by yours truly during the filming. To commemorate this release, we’re offering limited edition, hand-printed tote bags and fine photography prints for purchase. Proceeds from these sales help support the work of the artists involved in creating Match Box Dances.

We’d also like to send a big thank you to everyone who made it to our release party last week. It was a terrible storm, but a lovely crowd and a wonderful time. Shots from the makeshift photobooth are now available for your viewing pleasure.


The cast and crew of Match Box Dances

Reverend Billy & The Church of Earthalujah | NY, NY | 2011

Reverend Billy and The Church of Earthalujah 
THE CHURCH OF EARTHALUJAH featuring Reverend Billy and the 35-voice Stop Shopping Gospel Choir is part theater piece, part church service, part performance art and wholly inspirational. Family friendly but big bank deadly, The Church of Earthalujah condemns the corporate exploiters and polluters of the world to the Lake of Hellfire - especially the ones that spew CO-2 through mountaintop removal, hydro-fracking, super malls and shipping sweatshop products long distances with with fossil fuel-burning engines. We believe that the fires and droughts and quakes and typhoons are not natural disasters, but shout-outs from this big living thing we’re a part of. The message is loud and clear when we learn to put our ears to the dirt: "STOP SHOPPING!"Join us every Sunday at 7:30 PM at Theatre 80 in NYC’s East Village, and at our LIVE WEBSTREAM. Tickets are $10, but no one will be turned away.

The Church of Earthalujah is a New York City based radical performance community, with 50 performing members and a congregation in the thousands. They are wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters, earth loving urban activists who have worked with communities on 4 continents defending land, life and imagination from reckless development and the extractive imperatives of global capital. They employ multiple tactics and creative strategies, including cash register exorcisms, retail interventions, cell phone operas combined with grass roots organizing and media activism. They are entertainers and artists, performing regularly throughout The US and Europe.

This week’s service (4/3/11): A DOUBLE CANONIZATION
with Justin Vivian Bond and Tim DeChristopher
Justin Vivian Bond is our home-grown hero. His work as a cabaret performer, writer and visual artist is deeply informed by radical faerie culture, feminism, and AIDS and radical queer activism. He has been a conduit for erotic life force of Mother Earth into the lives of legions of fans around the world. He epitomizes what we hope for when we resist the mono-culture.

Environmentalist and activist Tim DeChristopher will also attend our April 3 Church of Earthalujah, and accept his canonization into Fabulous Sainthood. In 2008, hoping to interrupt the energy policies of the Bush-Cheney, he put in a bid for 22,000 acres of federal land against the gas and mining companies with little ability to pay. He was convicted in early March for two felony counts and faces up to 10 years in prison.

Aitana Cordero | Amsterdam, NL | 2011

Title: 3 Ways To Master A Kiss Or A Twentyfiveminutes Kiss At Your Neck
Choreographer: Aitana Cordero  
Venue: The Frascati Theatre, as part of the 2011 “Something Raw Festival” 
Curator: Sonja Augart

A kiss is a kiss is a… The Spanish choreographer Aitana Cordero removes the usual context and meaning from the kiss in a performance which probes the boundaries of taste, sexuality, intimacy and violence. On stage, a group of people do their utmost to get closer to one another by kissing each other, however their desire is continually tested and destroyed. During an exceptional performance we see various performers kiss a single young woman in many different ways. Cordero’s work is terrible in its humanity and is remorselessly physical.

The Spanish choreographer Aitana Cordero (Spain,1979) initially trained as a judo professional and then studied at the School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling [School for New Dance Development] in Amsterdam. Her work is performed internationally. For Frascati Producties she created Duets II - Study for an encounter (2009), The Sleeping Room (2010) and the Breakin’ Walls performance Antonia Sosexit (2010) 

Visit Aitana’s website by clicking here.